About me

Elected in 2012 and again in 2017 maintaining a pledge to break down barriers with constituents and be easily accessible either in person or via social media.

I personally feel walking the ward regularly and supporting local businesses enables a feel for the fabric of the ward as to what the issues are and what to do, to try and resolve them.

Regularly meeting with various Council Officers, Youth Service, Play Service and Community Groups within the ward enables me to receive regular updates with ongoing issues along with possible upcoming issues affecting the Abersychan Ward, this allows an input into resolving matters, before they become troublesome.

Since 2012, building partnerships with various organisations has helped create annual events such as,

The Ward Pantomime

The Llanerch Anniversary Walk, which led to the creation of the Memorial Fund

Carols Under the Arch

The Free Take It Away Event

Working with independent traders, we have been promoting the benefits of shopping locally, speaking at several business events for ‘buy local’ and also using social media to promote what’s on offer.

A thriving shopping base is essential, no one wants to see boarded up, closed shops, this would be devastating not only for the ward, but our local economy.

As a local Councillor our job is to support and promote what’s on offer locally.

Building links has been good to encourage a thriving environment for youth activities, raising funds towards Projects to support our youth.

The ward is lucky to have its own charity, The Garnsychan Partnership, as one of several Directors I look forward to pushing the charity as experience is gained, to ensure that the charity moves with the times enabling it to thrive during difficult periods assisting those who most benefit from its services.

Having just become Pontypool Community Councillor for Abersychan and Cwmavon, I look forward to combining the two roles to utilise both positions to support local organisations as best as possible.

The role of Councillor is changing rapidly, it’s more important than ever that to keep promoting what we do to support our communities, one thing for sure is that you can’t rest on your laurels, you have to keep adapting or get left behind along with your ward.